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Visual Sclerotherapy Vein Removal by Vein911

Your legs will appear younger, clearer, and more healthy-looking.

In fact, visual sclerotherapy patients in Tampa are often surprised by the dramatic difference between a treated and untreated leg.

Visual sclerotherapy vein removal is used to treat visible spider veins and small varicose veins near the surface of the skin.

With a needle the size of a hair shaft, a painless liquid is injected into the veins, causing them to shrink, close off, and eventually disappear.  A typical spider vein patient will need up to three, 30 minute visual sclerotherapy vein treatments, but the results are long lasting.  The results are so striking that, in most cases, by the third session, we are actually searching for spider veins to treat!  Of the many patients treated at Vein911, no patient has ever stopped the procedure because of pain or discomfort.  Many patients actually feel nothing at all during their visual sclerotherapy vein treatment sessions!  Any minor discomfort has been described as similar to a mosquito bite or plucking an eyebrow.

Vein911 only uses FDA approved sclerotherapy medications!

What to expect from Visual Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy vein removal is a simple procedure, requiring no anesthesia and performed in our office.  A typical session takes approximately 30 minutes.

In most cases, you will see near complete clearing of spider veins after three separate 30 minute sclerotherapy sessions. Sclerotherapy sessions are performed about 3 weeks apart to allow for interval healing.

To begin your visual sclerotherapy vein treatment, you will change into a gown and lie down on the examination table. The skin over your spider veins will be cleansed with an alcohol pad. Our vein care specialist will then inject a liquid or foam sclerosing agent into your affected veins through a tiny needle.  While performing visual sclerotherapy vein treatment, we utilize medical eyewear powered with halogen lighting, magnification and cross polarized technology to ensure accuracy and maximal effectiveness during your treatment.

We make about one injection for every inch of spider vein. Patients typically listen to music, read, or talk to us during the procedure. We may ask you to shift your position a few times. As the procedure continues, you may feel tiny needle sticks often described as like a mosquito bite, but the needles we use are so thin and the sclerosing solution so mild that many patients experience no discomfort at all.  At worst, visual sclerotherapy vein treatment discomfort has been described as similar to having your eyebrows plucked.

What to expect at your initial Visual Sclerotherapy consultation

During your initial consultation for visual sclerotherapy, we will ask you a list of questions and examine your legs. We’ll ask about any problems you may have with your legs—pain, aching, itching, tenderness.

You will be checked for signs of more serious deep vein problems, which may be indicated by swelling, skin discoloration, or sores.  For more serious cases of spider veins, we may recommend a formal diagnostic ultrasound exam of your legs to detect abnormal veins hidden beneath your skin and help us develop an effective treatment plan designed to totally eliminate any traces of spider veins.  Problems with the larger, hidden veins must be treated first or surface vein sclerotherapy will be ineffective.

After Your Treatment

Treated veins will look a little worse before they begin to look better but after only a few weeks your veins will appear lighter and continue to fade.

After each treatment, you will notice further improvement in the appearance of your legs.  For the average spider vein case, we are typically searching to find any remaining spider veins by the third session!

Note that visual sclerotherapy does not prevent new spider veins from surfacing. With time, you may require “touch-ups” for new veins that develop.  Even if you choose not to have further treatments, your legs will look better than if you’d had no treatment at all.

The Best Candidates for Visual Sclerotherapy

Women of all ages are good candidates for visual sclerotherapy.  In some women, spider veins may become noticeable as teenagers. For others, these veins may not become obvious until after age 35.

Spider veins in men are less common. For men who get them, visual sclerotherapy is just as effective.

Most women and men with circulatory problems, heart conditions, or diabetes may safely undergo visual sclerotherapy removal of spider veins.