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April Cortes discusses her vein treatment experience at Vein911

We went to Disney, took my daughter to Disney, my family and walking around cause Disney has a lot of walking in the park. And my leg that was not worked on was puffy, irritated, uncomfortable. And I did sit down for a little while. And the leg that was worked on it felt light, airy, fluffy.

And I even noticed that my husband of all people who doesn’t notice anything, it’s a guy thing, noticed my leggings, “Wow your leg looks good.” I said, “Thank you,” and I was very excited. When I came from my follow up after I had the procedure done. I was looking for an adjective as to how my leg felt. Cause she said, “How do you feel?” I said, “I don’t know how I feel.” And she said, “Light?” I said, “Yes. Light, fluffy, airy.”

So it is a fabulous feeling, I’m super excited to have this done and do my thing. I’m on a lifestyle change. So this is just part of it, and I’m excited. And Dr. Pittman is just the best.